A public beach, with a very nice sandy beach,
located on the South-West side of Lake Dåasen.
Bathing sign along road 310 if you are going from Loos
towards Näsberg and Korskrogen.

Kvarnsjödammen/Loos sauna
Sauna is located beside Kvarnsjön (Mill Lake),
road 296 towards Kårböle.
The pond is all that's left after the old mill.
On the south side of it there is a swimming area with a small jetty. The beach is mostly a patch of grass. It is a beautiful place and usually there is quiet surroundings. The only sound you hear is the rushing water from the dam floodgates and all beautiful sounds of nature.
Sauna is available for rent, key and bookings at local ICA (food store in central of Loos)

Loos-Hamra Fishing area
Finnmark area around Loos and Hamra, have very nice, beautiful
and scenic
fishing waters, all in all over 100 lakes.
Fishing license sold in most shops big and small.

Loos Slalom slope "Furuberget"
Furuberget (Pine montain)
is located in the middle of the village of Loos,
on the mountain
there are 3 ski slopes of 350 meters and it has a vertical drop of 72 meters.
The slope has a cable lift that takes skiers to the top of the mountain ...
A small day/week/year fee for public to use.
Hours of operation
Weekends: 10:00 to 15:00
Evenings: 18:00 to 21:00
Low-temperature limit: -15 ° C
Lift, warming hut and shed with fireplace.
Open after snow conditions, usually from December to March.

Loos hockey rink/Multiarena
Ice rink is adjacent to the Loos Central School and managed by the municipality.
Free to use by the public. Hockey school; contact Roger Persson
+46 (0)-70-561 95 95

In 2013 multi-purpose arena was built by the school with artificial turf.

multi arena los loos
Loos Tennis court
The tennis court is adjacent to the Loos Central School
managed by the municipality.
Free to use by the public.
You can borrow tennis rackets and balls at Lotta-Boden store for free.

Nickelvallen/illuminated track

Loos Sports Ground, Northeast of Loos on road 296 towards Kårböle.
Here you will find
a soccer field, running track. Also a Boules court.
West of the football field is a lighted track, 2.5 Km.
Running / walking trails in the summer and cross-country trails in the winter.
Free to use by the public.

Västhälsinge Riders club
The club has its operations based in riding tracks in the south part of Loos.
There is a club house used for meetings and other events.
Adjacent to the old "arena" a new and larger "arena" was completed
and opened
in 2007.
In central Loos there are currently about fifteen horses and
about twenty active riders of different ages.

Nordic area
Loos, included in the "nordic area" that is a new unique tourist destination,
1000 km of snowmobile trails. Trails extends through three counties and four municipalities. The trail begins in Älvdalen and then goes through Noppikoski, Loos-Hamra to Lillhärdal.
Information about where to buy trail maps and more available at
Loos-Hamra Snowmobile Club website.

Read more here:
Nordicareal link

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