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Road constructions
Road 296 Lomsjöhed-Kårböle and
also parts of road 310 Västbacka-Korskrogen
Work has begun in 2013 and is scheduled for completion in October 2014.
 The company/Goverment agency in charge is Trafikverket.

The multi-purpose arena now is ready


Inauguration of multiarena with principal Marit Holmstrand Photo: Lotta Persson 2013
Photo: Robin Lundqvist 2014

Wind power farms

Two wind power farms are planned just outside Loos.
Kölvallen towards Kårböle is a park of 110 to 140 works, estimated cost about 5 billion SEK.
Estimated start of construction in 2014.
The company in charge is

Hemberget towards Färila, is a park with 35 mills, just below Dåasen,
estimated cost unknown but over 1 billion SEK in the current situation.
The company in charge is Nordex.

New tourism information building
Update construction of new tourism information building:
sponsorship of the timber frame is finished and we thank you sincerely
Holmen, Svea forest and Stora Enso for their help!

The work is led by Gösta Jansson and he has the help of his energetic guys under the
wings of Studiefrämjandet (the encourage of study federation).

 Photo: Christer Wester 2013


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