Old pictures
Photo gallery of old photos of Loos

Loosgården at the top of the picture

Loos church to the left, Lundbergs to the right

Loos church village from house of Eliassons and north

Loos mining village from the fire reservoar and north

Loos Gästis (boardinghouse)on tp of the hill old folks home Brattberga 4/7-1940

Loos Mining village at Lokattens roadhouse in the middle
of the picture


Loos church village, house of Eliassons in the middle of the picture

Loos vicarage

Loos Church

Loos Lokattens (the bobcat) roadhouse

Loos Loosgårdens bordinghouse
Loos Gammeltomta (Gammeltomtens folk museum)
Loos picture from 1915
Loos Loosgården bordinghouse in the middle of the picture
Loos Risberget, forest crew.
Loos church village, picture taken 1905
Loos, house of doctor and cottage hospital
Loos log-floaters from a postcard, posted 23/9-1968
Loos vicarage
Loos old peoples home Brattberga (demolished autumn 2013)
Loos Bullerbacken (Buller-slope) road down to the firestation.
Loos church village in the midle house of Eliassons.
Loos Torgals year 1920 now center of Loos
Loos the shop and home of Martin Eriksson on the right
and Astor Forsbergs on the left.

Loos Furuberget (Pine-mountain) slalom slope towards
Norrrgår´n (the north farm)

Loos Church
View from church tower over church village towards south
kyrktornet los loos
Photo: Hälsingegård Lundbergs B&B

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