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About us
The Byaråd (town council) in Loos is the umbrella organization for other societies in the greater Loos area.

Loos Bygderåd and Orsa Finnmark Bygdekomitté publishes the paper "Finnmarksbladet / Looslappen".

Byaråd operates Loosveckan (the summer/winter week (local vacation activities for all ages in and arround Loos).

is negotiating with power companies on the locally planned wind power farms.

Byaråd have groups who work with to promote tourism, business, youths and more
on the behalf of people living in the Loos and Orsa Finnmark area.

Byaråd is also advisory organization for the distribution of money from local water funds.

The Byaråd has it´s office at the old bank, address Kyrkbyvägen 94, 820 50 Los

Phone/e-mail address:

Loos Byaråd, for errands without specific recipient or general questions : bygderadet@loos.se
Loos Byaråd, Chairman Pia Enocsson: +46 (0)70-346 25 49 pia@loos.se 
Loos Byaråd, questions about economy, treasurer Elsie Svensson: +46 (0)70-312 08 63 elsie.svensson@telia.com
Loos Byaråd, question about local windpower: Jenny Breslin +46 (0)70-600 67 96
Loos Byaråd, question about this website, webmaster Robin Lundqvist:
webmaster@loos.se +46 (0)70-312 08 10

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The board:


Pia Enocsson
Vice Chairman:
Lars Engström

Elsie Svensson

Lennart Canskog


Robin Lundqvist

 Regular board members:
Conny Englund
Daniel Wallberg
Ronnie Törnberg
Vanja Isaksson
Ingrid Fredlund
Karina Wexell
Sigrid Mijts

Substitute board members:
Roger Persson
Jenny Breslin
Robin Lundqvist 

Villages included in the Loos & Orsa Finnmark area:

  • Fågelsjö, Rullbo, Djupsjöberg, Tackåsen, Hiveåsen.
  • Hamra, Lill-Hamra, Sjöändan, Sandsjö, Västbacka, Björkberg.
  • Karlsberg, Tenskog, Nyby, Samuelsfallet, Noppasvea, Blommaberg.
  • Loos (consisting of Gruvbyn, Norrbyn, Kyrkbyn, Lillbyn, Ryggskog).
  • Tandsjöborg.
  • Karlsfors, Kvarnberg, Bränna, Romberg, Johannesberg, Brännmyra.

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