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About us
Bygderådet in Loos is the umbrella organization for other societies in the greater Loos area.

Loos Bygderåd and Orsa Finnmark Bygdekomitté publishes the paper "Finmarksbladet / Looslappen".
Bygderådet operates Loosveckan (the week for Loos).

is negotiating with power companies on the planned wind power farms.

Bygderådet have a serviceman available for locals, tourists and others.
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Bygderådet have groups responsible to promote tourism, business, youths and more
on the behalf of people living in the Loos and Orsa Finnmark area.

Bygderådet is also advisory organization for the distribution of money from local water funds.

Bygderådet currently has its offices at the Old bank 
Address: Kyrkbyvägen 94, 820 50 Los. 
Soon the office will move to the new tourism building at ICA store in the center of the village.

Address: Kyrkbyvägen 94, 820 50 Los.
Open: Mon-Thur 8-12 (some weeks during the summer the office is closed, but we can arrange for a meeting by phone).
Phone office/serviceman: +46 (0)70-270 12 93
Phone chairman (Jenny Breslin): +46(0)70-600 67 96
E-mail addresser:
Loos Bygderåd, Serviceman: service@loos.se
Loos Bygderåd: bygderadet@loos.se
Loos Bygderåd, Chairman: jenny@loos.se
Loos Bygderåd Vice Chairman: conny@loos.se
Loos Bygderåd, Webmaster of this site:

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The board


Jenny Breslin 
Politician who lives in the village and has overall responsibility for external contacts
is a member of the County Council's Board and several other political offices,
She works on a daily basis at Radio Ljusdal.
Vice Chairman:
Conny Englund
fire chief and now holds various political offices in Ljusdal´s Municipality.

Treasurer/Webmaster/Head of IT/Head of Marketing:
Robin Lundqvist
M.Sc.(econ) MBA and over 20 years as self-employed businessman, works on a daily basis with
Loos.se and other related marketing. Member of the board's finance group.

Secretary/Youth member:
Lovisa Persson
studying Social Science with specialization policy & business intelligence
Slottegymnasiet in Ljusdal.

Lennart Canskog 
The electrician who makes "Jacobs ladder" jumps between Stockholm and a newly built house in Loos.
He is in charge of the sauna at Kvarnsjön (mill-lake) and a member of the board's finance group
Sigrid Geitenbeek 
An immigrant of the Netherlands that now operates Lundberg's B & B, art and antiques.
She keeps track of all paper that the rest of us do not check ;-) and she keeps an extra eye on Loos-week.

Roger Persson 
Has worked years as a countryside promoter with a family that runs Lotta-Boden market-garden and a forest company on the side.
He is in charge of the Loos movie club, tourism and wind power farm negotiations.

Christer Running 
Senior citizen with an interest in community programs.
Has the board responsibilities as the secretary and a member of the tourism group.

Ivan Breslin 
Villager, Home Guard and assistant in the most practical tasks,
particularly involved in
wind power farm negotiations.

Youth member:

Hannes Schmidt
Student, an immigrant of Germany studying Hotel & Tourism
 at s:t Mikaelsskolan in Mora

Villages included in the Loos & Orsa Finnmark area:

  • Fågelsjö, Rullbo, Djupsjöberg, Tackåsen, Hiveåsen.
  • Hamra, Lill-Hamra, Sjöändan, Sandsjö, Västbacka, Björkberg.
  • Karlsberg, Tenskog, Nyby, Samuelsfallet, Noppasvea, Blommaberg.
  • Loos (consisting of Gruvbyn, Norrbyn, Kyrkbyn, Lillbyn, Ryggskog).
  • Tandsjöborg.
  • Karlsfors, Kvarnberg, Bränna, Romberg, Johannesberg, Brännmyra.

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