Public service


Ica Nickeln

Ica Nickeln in central Loos,
sell food, propane, post and medications.

Phone: +46(0)657-100 62

Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat 10-15
Sun 12-15
Foto:Robin Lundqvist
Retirement home

Care and care home.
Kyrkbyvägen 100, 820 50 LOS
Nurse +46(0)651-185 91
In case of an emergency call 112

In telecommunications disruptions there are emergency phone at Furugården and at the fire station.

Foto:Ljusdals Kommun
The municipality has two employees in Loos that
takes care of most of what
municipal services do, such as water and sewage.

Fire station
The fire station
is located in the same building as the municipal services building.

Loos have a volunteer fire department consisting of both men and women from the village.

In telecommunications disruptions the fire station is staffed for emergency.

telecommunications disruptions there are emergency phone at Furugården and at the fire station.

In case of an emergency call 112

The ambulance is stationed at Furugården retirement home during business hours
Outside business hours the ambulance in Ljusdal is available 24-7-365 or helicopter ambulance.


The gas staion
petrol and diesel
takes all major cards

macken i Loos 
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Tourist Toilets are at Nickelvallen (Soccer Field)
at Lotta-Boden shop, Willmars bakery shop, Loos Camping
and at Loos Grvuvan there is toilets for disabled .

Slalom Slope
Three slopes, run by Loos snowmobile club, annual snowmobile
gathering with a lot of events
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Loos Church
Available for pastoral care, weddings, christenings, summer crafts, choir training, funerals, etc.
Open by appointment.
 Phone: +46(0)651-200 86
Loos Preschool

Torgalsvägen 28
820 50  Los
Solen phone: +46(0)657-103 38
Månen phone:  +46(0)657-106 45
Manager Marit Holmstrand
+46 (0)651-186 02

los preschool
Photo:Ljusdals Kommun
Loos Central School
Los school is a small school with a personal touch
and dialogue in the center. School premises are spacious and functional
(built in 1962).

Library is housed in the school and serves as an important resource for all teaching.

The school has about 70 students in grade 1 through 9
los central school
Photo:Ljusdals Kommun
Loos Library

Phone: +46(0)651-188 67


Mon 10-13
Tue 9-13, 17-19
Wed 14-16
Thu 9-13, 17-19

The library has free wireless broadband /Hot spot
los library
Photo:Ljusdals Kommun

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